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Hi, I'm Michelle Nolan

Over 20 Years as a Veterinary Technician


In my 20 years as a Vet Tech, I have basically performed every function required of a Vet Tech.  I have been a scrub nurse performing in surgery, scrubbing in for all manner of surgical procedures.  I rendered client education, vaccinations, placing IV catheters, blood draws, intubation, setting up fecal samples, heart worm tests, dental prophesy, skin scrapes, eye stains, filled prescriptions, restraint, X-rays, urinalysis and cystocentesis.  But most of all, I have been able to care for injured animals from Tigers to Turtles.  I have worked with the most skilled Vets in Florida Caring for animals is my Passion

Hi I'm Gracie Garcia,

I went to school for grooming at  Academy Animal Arts in Largo FL.  In school we were taught show grooming and then pet grooming as well.  After I got out of school I worked in a small shop for 5 years. After that shop I did mobile grooming for another 5 years.

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